Saturday, 23 February 2013

Hurry Up Spring - Asian Noodle Salad

How very British of me of me to discuss the weather but it is fucking freezing and doesn’t show any sign of letting up soon.  Its been getting me down and I have a freezer stocked with fish fingers and chicken nuggets to eat with beans on toast.  Kids’ food for weather sulking: easy and cheap but not particularly healthy or imaginative.

Eating brown and orange food became repetitive after a while and I turned to this Asian noodle salad to liven things up. I make this when I crave something vibrant and fresh:  the colours alone cheer me up and the kick of chili; intense fresh ginger and fragrant herbs make me feel healthier instantly.   

 I don’t make any claim to its authenticity: it’s a mash-up of the eastern flavours I enjoy and uses what’s readily available in an average supermarket.  

I often eat it with quickly sautéed chicken, or thinly sliced beefsteak.   It would be immense with roast pork belly.  This time I ate it with grilled squid but quite frankly, it’s great on its own and you can remove the noodles for a virtuous low carb, low calorie feast tasting of better weather to come.

Asian Noodle Salad – Serves 4 with other things, 3 on its own.

·      Small bunch/handful coriander, torn roughly

·      Small bunch basil/handful, torn roughly

·      Small bunch mint/handful, torn roughly

·      Half a cucumber, de-seeded (scrape out the juicy middle bit with teaspoon or melon baller) and thinly sliced into 5mm batons

·      3 small carrots (or 2 big ones) finely sliced into strips

·      ¼ small red cabbage finely sliced into strips

·      3-4 spring onions finely sliced diagonally

·      2-3 medium red chilis finely sliced.  Leave out the seeds if you can’t hack it.

·      2 nests of dried fine egg noodles, boiled for 3 minutes then rinsed with cold water under the tap to cool. *Or fine rice vermicelli noodles cooked to packet instructions and left to cool.

For the dressing:

·      3 tablespoons rice vinegar

·      1 tablespoon fish sauce

·      1 tablespoon toasted sesame oil

·      2 tablespoons light soy

·      Juice of half a lemon

·      2 inch chunk of ginger peeled and grated with a fine grater

·      2 cloves of crushed garlic

·      1 teaspoon caster sugar

1)   Mix the dressing ingredients in a large bowl

2)   Prepare the noodles.

3)   Chop up all the salad bits or use a mandolin if you're fancy.

4)   Toss the salad bits together with the dressing in the large bowl and taste – it may need a splash more light soy for seasoning.

5)   Eat with protein of your choice or on its tod.

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