Saturday, 7 January 2012

Fridge Canapes - Snacking and Fatty Boom Boom

I am a confirmed snacker.  I’ve long professed it’s because I am genuinely hungry and I truly do feel a bit shaky and nauseous if I haven’t touched food for a few hours, going from slightly peckish to ravenously hypoglycaemic pretty damn quickly.  However, blaming my snacking habit on a fast metabolism can only go so far, and the extra poundage I’m now carrying is fairly contradictory of my protestations.  Quite frankly, I snack cause I’m greedy.

By snacking I mean the things I eat standing up in the kitchen or in front of the fridge.  Some weird, some you might wana try yourself.  There is a considerable theme of meat and cheese. No wonder my jeans are tighter.
In no particular order…..

1)   Dairylea triangle with a slice of ham wrapped around it.

2)   Crumpet with marmite, pesto, slab of mature cheddar, chilli slices.  All together or a combination.  Alex’s favourite but I don’t like mixing pesto and marmite. Funny that.

3)   Marmite spoon.

4)   Nutella spoon.

5)   Dulce de leche spoon.

6)   Peanut butter spoon.

7)   Cottage cheese spoon

8)   Cold left-over rice with Caesar dressing.  I don’t give a shit if things are cold.  I just use them as a vehicle for the Caesar dressing.

9)   Slice of chorizo with a squeeze of Primula.

10)  Slice of cucumber with a slice of Brie on top.

11)  Forkful of whatever was leftover from dinner last night.

12)  A single tinned anchovy.

13)  Three olives.

14)  Rolled up bit of prociutto with a lump of Stilton.

15)  A single walnut with a dried apricot and chunk of Stilton – this was my flatmate  Andy’s invention. Its good – like dinner and pudding in a mouthful.

16)  Ritz cracker with cream cheese and pesto.

17)  Slice of cheddar with Tabasco.

Dare you.

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