Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Fish Finger Sandwich - My First Blog

Fishfinger Sandwich

I discovered food blogs a few months ago when searching for something harmless to while away the hours in my excruciatingly mundane office job.  Something that didn't cause the IT police to barr me and that didn't involve spending my (hard?) earned cash on tat.  Food blogs have kept me entertained and challenged me.  Mostly they make me hungry.

I obsess over newly discovered food stuffs such as Nduja - the spreadable sausage that I still haven't tried but oh so want to, or classics like chicken and mushroom pie and my first beef roast.  Mainly I cook a lot of pasta. Loads of pasta in varying shapes and flavours.  Obscene quantities of the stuff. Carbs are amazing. 

However, sometimes I don't want the garlicky cream dream of one of my pasta specials.  Sometimes I'm a bit skint, tired and want the simple nostalgia of a classic.  I know Jamie's already dared to do a recipe(ish), but there's a reason why. 

Fishfinger sandwiches are great.  On soft white sliced with a slick of margarine, not butter.  Inspidly green leaves bely the iceberg's sweet, fresh crunch contrasting with the firm heat of finger itself.  Sainsburies' Basics are good enough for me.  The familiar smell  wafting from under the grill as the impossibly orange crumbs toast then crack, releasing steam from the reliably perfect white fish. I'm not overly fond of the 'devils food' as my boyfriend calls it, and prefer a dollop of mayonnaise or salad cream to ketchup.  My nod to foodie-ville is a sprinkle of salt and pepper before shutting the sandwich and lightly pressing together.  Ridiculously cheap, easy and gorgeous. Perfect.

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